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In Pitch Your Anime you and 4 other players will all pitch an anime using a main genre, a show idea, and a Production Gone Wrong (played by your fellow competitors) to a Company played by 1 of the 5 players.  You will need to do an Elevator Pitch, a Presentation Pitch, and a First Episode Pitch to get your anime approved! So go out and lets get an anime made!

In the Download of the game there will be all the cards that have been made, the rules, printout sheets, and Photoshop templates for custom card creation.

This Game was made for and during the Finally Finish Something 2019 Game Jam. #FFSjam

Thank you for checking out the Prototype of my game! I hope you all enjoy it!

Install instructions

Just Download and all the Files will be in there for printing or online board game palying!


Pitch That Anime! V1 Itch.io Edition 3 MB

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